a history of western art

from the renaissance to the present

Thursday 6 September

intro to the course; techniques of analysis & interpretation

The major modes of art:  conceptual, naturalistic, and expressive

Thursday 13 September

The Italian Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance

Thursday 20 September

The High Renaissance

Thursday 27 September

The Late Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation

The Italian Baroque and the Catholic Counter-Reformation

Thursday 4 October

The Dutch Baroque

Catch-up, review for Exam 1

Thursday 11 October

Exam 1

Classicism and History Painting, 1770-1830

Thursday 18 October

Landscape Painting

Romanticism and Realism

Thursday 25 October

Academic Art and Manet


museum paper 1 due

Thursday 1 November

Neo-Impressionism and Symbolism

Catch-up, review for Exam 2

Thursday 8 November

Exam 2

Picasso and Cubism

Thursday 15 November


Dada and Surrealism

Thursday 22 November

Thanksgiving Holiday -- no class

Thursday 29 November

Abstract Expressionism:  Action Painting and Colorfield Painting

Johns, Rauschenberg, and Pop Art

museum paper 2 due

Thursday 6 December

Feminisms and activist art

Catch-up, review for exam 3, course evaluations

Thursday 13 December, 5:00-6:30

Exam 3 (not cumulative)