modernism in art

late impressionism through surrealism


for exam 1

*** the nature of the exams could change if they end up having to be taken online***

Remember the two Cardinal Rules for the exam

Answer the question

Don’t just describe what you see in the work or

throw out random facts from the readings or lectures.

Analyze the works

An answer that does not include specific discussion of the form and

subject matter of the work shown is certainly not a complete answer.

The exam will consist of:

•Some identifications of works on the study guide by artist, title, movement, and date (within 5 years either way).  Around 15 percent of the whole exam will be dedicated to identifications of the works on the study guide.  Less than 5 percent will be dedicated to dates.

•Some terms, in which I will give you a definition and you will need to give me the associated term

•Some unknowns, in which I will show you a work and you will need to identify the movement and/or artist as specifically as possible, then give a brief analysis placing the work within the matrix of ideas we have been talking about in class.

•Some 1/2 page slide essays, in which I will show you a single work from the study-guide that you will need to identify and then analyze in relation to a leading question.

•Some full-page slide comparisons, in which I will show you a pair of works to identify and analyze in relation to a leading question.

Here is a set of handy flashcards for exam 1:  write down the ID (artist, title, movement, date) and the key concepts related to the work/movement on the right, then fold the sheet over and use it to quiz yourself.