a history of western art

from the renaissance to the present

Thursday 17 January

intro to the course; techniques of analysis & interpretation

The major modes of art:  conceptual, naturalistic, and expressive

Thursday 24 January

The Italian Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance

Thursday 31 January

The High Renaissance

Thursday 7 February

The Late Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation

The Italian Baroque and the Catholic Counter-Reformation

Thursday 14 February

The Dutch Baroque

Catch-up, review for Exam I

Thursday 21 February

Exam 1

The Baroque and Rococo in France

Thursday 28 February

Classicism and History Painting, 1770-1830

Landscape Painting

Thursday 7 March

Romanticism and Realism

11-15 March:  Spring Break

Thursday 21 March

Academic Art and Manet


museum paper 1 due

Thursday 28 March

Neo-Impressionism and Symbolism

Catch-up, review for Exam 2

Thursday 4 April

Exam 2

Picasso and Cubism

Thursday 11 April


Dada and Surrealism

Thursday 18 April

Abstract Expressionism:  Action Painting and Colorfield Painting

Johns, Rauschenberg, and Pop Art

museum paper 2 due

Thursday 25 April

Feminisms and activist art

Catch-up, review for exam 3, course evaluations

Thursday 2 May, 5:00-6:30

Exam 3 (not cumulative)


thurs 4:30-7:10 section